Flexin on these rods


Hey sis hey! So you want to try flexi rods right? Let’s discuss the details of this type of styling. Flexi rods technically aren’t considered a protective style considering all of your hair is out and not braided or tucked away. However, flexi rods will allow you to give your hair a much needed break from heat. Unlike most styles, the older these curls get, the better they look. Flexi rods allow for versatility in styling on multiple levels.

Oh and sis guess what? Flexi rods are great for all hair types, relaxer free, relaxed or transitioning hair. Depending on the density of your hair, the service takes about 2 hours with drying time included.

The maintenance of this style is simple. You can simply place a satin or silk bonnet on your hair and sleep, or you can place your hair in a pineapple and sleep with a silk/satin bonnet. Easy Peasy right? Try a flexi rod set!


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