what are microlinks?

MICROLINKS are the new innovative way to add length and volume to your hair. This styling is for Natural or Relaxed clients of all texture and MOST lengths. A consultation is required to determine if your hair is ready for this type of installation. This level of styling is more than just a look, we want to ensure healthy hair throughout this process.

what are the benefits of microlinks?

The best part about this technique is the versatility. You can treat it as your real hair because you don’t have any braids. These are much better than clip ins or sew ins!!! And the best part is, it blends perfectly with your natural hair. You’re still able to maintain the health of your natural hair as well as it being completely flat and seamless. No one will be able to tell that you have extensions, no track no case. I use the Metowi Method to install your Microlinks. This technique is proven to allow for hair growth. Her techniques have been tested and tried which is why this is such an exclusive service. There is no glue used and as long as you have a professional install and remove your links, you won’t damage any hair follicles.


MICROLINKS are recommended to remain installed for up to 12 weeks to maintain the integrity of your hair. They do require maintenance appointments to ensure your scalp is clean and your hair is growing and being maintained in the links as they should. This is a 12 week rotation that will be scheduled for you at the time of install. The 12 week rotation looks like this:

CONSULTATION APPOINTMENT – this appt will determine if you’re a candidate and your hair texture

INSTALLATION- Microlinks are installed

MAINTENANCE- 2-3 weeks later maintenance appointment (shampoo and style)

TIGHTENING- this is done 2-3 weeks later. The links are retightened where the new growth has occurred.

MAINTENANCE – 2-3 weeks later (shampoo/style)

TIGHTENING- every 4-6 weeks the links are retightened where the new growth has occurred.

EXTRACTION- it’s time to remove your links and reinstall.


MICROLINKS are for the client who is dedicated to maintaining their scheduled appointments and who is serious about the health of their hair. The initial consultation is a required appointment prior to getting MICROLINKS. This helps me to determine the texture of your hair while it’s wet and dry. Texture matching is large part of the installation. You want your hair to look natural in both it’s wet and dry stages. This consultation comes with a shampoo/conditioner and silk press. Once you have been deemed a candidate the initial deposit is required to get started. Based upon the length of hair you need, the installation cost (with hair included) starts anywhere from $500 – $700. You will be able to reuse this hair for future installations. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I hope to see you in my chair soon.

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